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JKNA Training Limited

JKNA has a long and established reputation within the sports industry and our coaching staff have a substantial professional expertise that have been built over many years. We pride ourselves on providing world class coaching and match analysis available at all levels within the sports industry. Our customers have learnt to appreciate the level of commitment that our staff have to offer backed by a professional discrete technical service.

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Peacemakers International

Peacemakers-International is a Christian Charitable Trust whose purpose is to serve communities at home and abroad. Peacemakers endeavours to meet needs and bring the whole gospel of the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus to all who wish to hear it.

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Fit4Sport Limited

The Fit4Sport team, based in Lancashire has a wealth of experience working with therapists, clubs, organisations and athletes at all levels of the sporting spectrum.

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We offer FREE advice on all probate matters over the telephone. By asking simple questions, our friendly staff can quickly establish whether probate is required in your situation. We are able to advise you who can apply for probate and when to apply; we can confirm which probate forms are to be completed and give you an indication of how long the probate process takes. Our team are also able to give you details regarding The Probate Registry offices.


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