About Us

Humble beginnings

When I started Soarer Services it was my dream to buy a Toyota Soarer motor car hence the name Soarer.

At that time,  I was un-employed having been made redundant after over 30 years of continuous employment within the IT industry.  I spent more than eighteen months unemployed and decided to use my experience and skills to climb may way
out of the poverty trap and to provide for my family again.

The business in the past five years has grown by reputation and with over 40 customers the business has diversified into a number of different IT related areas including:-
  • Website Design & Implementation,
  • Computer Installation & Networking
  • Technical Consultancy Services to Businesses
  • Domestic Computer Hardware/Software Support.

We have the experience to take your IT related problems and to resolve them quickly and professionally at an affordable price.

Support for the Elderly

Soarer Services has never forgotten it's beginnings and continues to provide free of charge support to senior citizens and the infirm who need assistance.  If you require such support or know of someone who is in need please use our contact form to provide us with your contact details and we will be in touch.

Charitable work

Soarer Services has been a long time supporter of the work undertaken by Peacemakers International in Kenya. Peacemakers is an established non-denominational charitable trust that has been working for over twenty years in Eastern Kenya. The founder of Peacemakers was Denis Marshall who sadly died many years ago leaving his wife Brenda Marshall to continue the good work he started for the people in the rural parts of Kenya. For more details about Peacemakers International please click here